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Your Questions About Weight Training For Weight Loss

Sandy asks…

Amount of cardio & weight training for weight loss?

I am currently making a lifestyle change in my diet and have learned correct portion sizes and more about proper nutrition. I am trying to incorporate working out into my schedule, and want to do so initially to lose weight. I have read many conflicting articles regarding how much cardio you should do a week so as not to overdo it, and how if you are trying to lose weight, you should or shouldn’t do weights.

For weight loss, I was planning to do : 3 – 4 days of cardio (three days spin 45 mins, one day ellipitical or outside biking), two days weight training (one day legs, one day arms, each 45 mins), two days Yoga , one day of rest. Yoga and weights would be on the same day.

Is this a good regimen for weight loss?

admin answers:

That sounds pretty good, but I’d like to make sure that you’re not just working your arms and legs on those strength days. You should have “upper body” and “lower body” days instead, and make sure that you’re really targeting all the muscles in each area – the arms, shoulders, abs and back on the upper body days and the quads, hamstrings, calves and glutes on the lower body days.

Laura asks…

Weight training for weight loss?

Skip to last paragraph if your not interested in my background info.

I am currently a year into my weight loss. Last year I improved my diet and got a little exercise through climbing and dropped from 21 stone to 17 and a half (294lbs to 245lbs) in 6 months, then I hit a plateau. I am no longer what I would call fat but I still have a belly and am not where I want to be yet so I for the last month I have begun working out. I am naturally muscular so have only used weights to build up my triceps because I’m happy with the size of the rest of my muscles. So have mostly been doing cardio.

I know that weight training helps to burn fat for muscle repair and within a few days I was already noticing a drop in my arm fat. I also know that to build muscle mass you do heavy weights and fewer reps and for strength you do the opposite.

My question is this: If you do weights for strength rather than muscle mass will you still burn fat for muscle repair? ie, is it worth implementing more weight training for weight loss in addition to the cardio or will it not make much difference?

admin answers:

First off – 50 pounds in 6 months is incredible. You should feel awesome about having made that kind of change. That is a huge deal.

Second – your statement about doing ‘the opposite’ for strength, by which I’m assuming you mean high reps with low weight – is not correct.

The old adage is that for strength you do high weight low reps, and for ‘tone’ you do low weight high reps.

The problem with that is that the ‘extra calorie burning’ effect that you are after is what you get from more muscle mass, which is synonymous with more strength.

Honestly, at the end of the day the extra calories burned from having more muscle mass just aren’t going to add up to all that much. If you are really happy with your muscles as they are, then I’d just continue to focus on your cardio. I would guess that your plateau has more to do with your body adapting to your workouts. You need to either switch up the activities you are doing, or increase the intensity. Or both.

Your body becomes more efficient through repeated exercise – which means that it burns fewer calories while performing the same action. So when you used to burn 500 calories in an hour on the exercise bike (I’m just making this up) now you are burning, say, 300. This is because your legs have gotten stronger, your lung capacity has improved, you are basically just ‘better’ at riding an exercise bike than you were before. Which is great! But also bad, since it just doesn’t burn as many calories as you are expecting.

So you need to find an activity that you aren’t as efficient at. My preference tends towards aerobics classes, since they incorporate so many different types of motion – but really it is up to you.

Anyhow, to be more clear regarding your question –

Yes you will still burn fat for muscle repair, but no it won’t make that much difference. More cardio will still burn more calories than swapping in some weight training.

Donald asks…

Will doing weight training and pilates on different days hinder muscle development and weight loss?

I do weight/strength training 4 times a week with a day of rest in between. I just signed up for pilates and I wanted to know if doing pilates on those days that my muscles are “resting” will hinder or not help my muscle development and weight loss? Or can I do them on the same day? Any advise?

admin answers:

The thing to be cautious of here is that weight training and pilates are both designed to tone and strengthen muscle… And in doing so build up muscle mass.

You shouldn’t have any major problems doing pilates on your resting days, but try and make sure the pilates you do are targeting different muscle groups and if you can, take at least a day off during the week.

Neither of these forms of exercise will be good for weight loss though… You may slim down a little, but only because your muscle tone improves… And because muscle is heavier than fat, it’s highly likely you will actually gain weight…

If you want to burn fat or lose weight, it’s best to do some low weight, high repetition stuff and not weight training (which is generally heavy weight and fewer reps).

Donna asks…

Does weight training help with weight loss?

I workout everyday I do 30 mins of cardio and weight train 6 days a week. Im trying to loose weight, and have been told several times weight training only makes me gain weight…I do low weight with 3 sets of 30 i was told that is what burns fat is this true. Am i doing it right to loose weight???and is it reasonable for me to loose 25 pounds in 2 months???

admin answers:

It helps with fat loss. Muscle has memory, therfore it weighs more. But to answer your question about doing it right and losing weight. As long as you are eating right, drinking plenty of water…you should be fine. If you want to speed up the process, go to any GNC and pick-up “Hydroxycut Hardcore” (as long as you are over 18, and male…females may use it also but it destroys the ovaries so you wont be able to have kids, if you are female…i dont remember) Take a protein with that and the fat should come off quickly. To measure yourself to make sure your making progress, use a body fat scale instead of a regular scale..This will be more accurate.

Also, If you dont like Hydroxycut Hardcore they have a 30-day moneyback guarantee on anything in the store as long as you have your receipt…you cant lose!

Ruth asks…

question about weight training for weight loss NOT necessarily muscle gain…?

they say weight training is more effective than cardio

but what if it’s just 1 set for each major muscle group for 10-12 reps daily or every other day??

I know this would NOT be ideal for muscle gain, but is it still better for fat loss than doing cardio??

admin answers:

For weight loss and a semi cardio workout you need to perform at least 25 reps on each station, with only a short break to catch breath between them.
Build up to those reps in a safe way.

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