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Protein and workouts

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Protein and workouts go hand in hand. The non professional bodybuilder even knows that their protein intake needs to be balanced correctly so that they can achieve the right balance with the workouts used. Protein and the link to using it for effectively building muscles from your bodybuilding workouts must be clearly understood.

The information below is one person’s take on how protein can be used.


Lesson #1 – “Why” Should We Know How Much Protein to Consume After Our Workouts?

 In “How Much Protein Do You Need…”, the author Anoop T. Balachandran, who has a Master’s in Exercise Physiology, and another in Human Performance, says that studies show that although protein synthesis (the process in which our cells produce protein) is high after a session of strength training, the protein that broke down “during” the training can put you at a point where you have a negative balance on protein.Kind of like overdrawing your bank account.What I really like about the information in his article, is that it’s backed-up by an actual study.He goes on to mention that “An increase in muscle mass is only possible if net protein balance stays positive.”Well, most of us athletes (notice how I still consider myself an athlete, haha) take protein to obtain or maintain muscle mass, so this is a powerful point here.This is why it’s important to know exactly how much protein you should be taking.  [showmyads]  You could be actually going backwards, gains-wise, if you’re not consuming enough protein after your workouts.He goes on to mention that you can shift your protein balance to a positive state by consuming protein after your workout. 

Lesson #2 – If You’re Around My Size (205 lbs), 30g of Protein is Enough… Or IS It?

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